Disabling/Pausing Queries

If you ever want to disable a query from automatically running, you can use the enabled = false option.

When enabled is false:

  • If the query has cached data
    • The query will be initialized in the status === 'success' or isSuccess state.
  • If the query does not have cached data
    • The query will start in the status === 'idle' or isIdle state.
  • The query will not automatically fetch on mount.
  • The query will not automatically refetch in the background when new instances mount or new instances appearing
  • The query will ignore query client invalidateQueries and refetchQueries calls that would normally result in the query refetching.
  • refetch can be used to manually trigger the query to fetch.
function Todos() {
const {
} = useQuery('todos', fetchTodoList, {
enabled: false,
return (
<button onClick={() => refetch()}>Fetch Todos</button>
{isIdle ? (
'Not ready...'
) : isLoading ? (
) : isError ? (
<span>Error: {error.message}</span>
) : (
{data.map(todo => (
<li key={todo.id}>{todo.title}</li>
<div>{isFetching ? 'Fetching...' : null}</div>
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